IT Support + 24X7 Health Monitoring

You might have heard of tradition break-fix support model that only takes action after the issue has occurred and has already made your business unexpected downtime, data loss, business interruptions and financial loss. Our proactive approach eliminates the problems BEFORE they become big problems in order to dramatically reduce business downtime.
  1. 24X7 IT Health Monitoring
  2. Online IT Support & Employee HelpDesk
  3. Onsite IT Support & Maintenance

Server Virtualization

Many small medium organization think of virtualization as something that only has benefits for large companies, but that’s not really the case. Virtualization can save small businesses money, and help you do more without the need to expend a lot of capital. Microsoft lists four main advantage of virtualization for SMB:

1. Add another business application or database without increasing the number of physical hardware servers to worry about. 2. Decreased energy consumption and technology maintenance costs. 3. Enhanced disaster recovery plan. 4. Stretch your companies technology budget.

Cloud Computing

If you are taking advantage of IT to support your growing business needs, you probably heard of cloud computing. Cloud computing enables you to flexibly move and extend  business IT systems over the internet, this allows you to increase the current capabilities, and improve your business efficiency. Few benefits delivered by cloud computing technologies:
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
  • Speed and convenience
  • Data storage