Remote Monitoring and Management

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One of the important and critical success factor for an organization is the secured, robust performance and continuity of its IT Infrastructure. To stand against the competition an organization needs that their network monitoring services are able to proactively identify a network emergency the moment it happens, or better yet, are able to recognize signs of trouble and take action to prevent problems from ever occurring. With an efficient alignment of process framework and ingredients of smart tools, ILC (Infinite Loop Corporation) ensures the best performance and 99.99% availability of your network.


Many small and medium businesses are facing limited IT staff and resources, ILC presents an effective solution that minimizes efforts and expenses that reduces costly network downtime and delivering a real business value.
Remote monitoring services typically includes:

  • Network Devices (Servers, Routers, Switches)
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Unified VoIP Infrastructure
  • Automatic application backup
  • Low disk space notification
  • Spyware Malware Virus detection