ILC Managed Firewall

Managed Firewalls with periodic patching and proactive alerts

Engaging ILC to manage your firewall services will release your IT staff from the burden of the routine maintenance and management of your firewall, enabling them to utilise their time more effectively, working on their core competencies are other high-priority duties.

Security requires expertise across the entire life of the project if you are to gain the full benefit. ILC provides full end to end integration services from consulting, planning, design, project management builds and implementation.

ILC also provide Application Firewall Services.


ILC’s Managed Firewall package includes:

  • Customisation of your managed firewall services to suit your needs
  • Allows your IT staff to utilise their time more effectively
  • We provide remote access to your firewall’s performance reports
  • We provide 24/7/365 maintenance and monitoring by our fully qualified IT professionals
  • We pre-configure your firewall for efficient installation
  • Fully secure VPN connectivity
  • Your own online customer interface
  • We provide service level agreements to ensure you receive the highest quality service