Fix WordPress Errors

We can fix all errors related to WordPress like error 404, error 500, any aort of errors related to plugin or theme.

Site Optimization

Site Optimization can include tasks related to website speed. If you think your website is slow then we can help you optimize it.

Plugin Issues

If you aren’t finding an appropriate plugin for your functionality, we can help you with that matter, either by plugin customization or WordPress Plugin Development.

General Issues

General Issues can include redesign work, adjustment of texts, font colors, font size, image alignment, content change, WordPress Custom Development and all sorts of tasks.

Responsiveness Issues

We all know today every website should be platform independent and many websites are not. Therefore we can help you making your website device friendly.

Monthly Maintenance

Some tasks should be performed on a regular period of time, like plugin and theme updates, compatibility issues, website content change and all sorts of tasks.


Every e-commerce platform is different in its own way and sometimes default woocommerce plugin doesn’t deliver everything you need for your online store.


Clone your website to a staging area, migrate to a new host, or clone to an existing site. We do all the gritty work for you, just point us in the right direction.

Theme Issues

WordPress Theme Development can include some customization in your theme, creation of new themes or child themes, new custom functionalities etc.