Agile Application Development

ILC has successfully delivered cloud based enterprise applications for verticals like financial services, BPO/KPO and travel. Our domain experts and solution architects point down the requirements and design a scalable and efficient solution for our clients. Our experienced and skilled people has always been our back strength, with expertise in software technologies like Perl, Python, Java, PHP and Ruby-on-Rails.

Agile Development

Infinite Loop Corporation Agile Application Development

We obtain optimal value through Agile approach to software development.

Secure¬†Agile development¬†is a mature, iterative, collaborative methodology that splits the overall development process into smaller phases, or “sprints.”

At ILC, we make Agile work by offering skilled team who can collaborate seamlessly, in a combination of onsite and onshore. We do it analytics based on data rather than perceptions — to recruit talent and assemble highly skilled teams custom-tailored to each client.


  1. Reduces products’ time to market
  2. Handle changing priorities easily and efficiently
  3. Align IT objectives with business objectives
  4. Increases overall productivity